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Related article: Date : Fri, December 21, 2007 09th June 49th -0500 From: ronyx u003cronyx Woh. rr. com u003e Subject: fragile as a Bird chapter 3 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to someone simply at random. The story is intended for mature audiences. May be obscenities and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something better to read. The author retains all rights a history. Do not copy or use without written permission. Write to Ron ronyx Woh. rr. com with your comments. How to make your Christmas list, do not forget to send a donation Nifty. This site exists because of your generosity. Visit the website n and how it can help. fragile as a Bird chapter 3 " Oh yeah, baby. It feels good. " He pushed my head further n of the tail. I realized I was about to end, and was expected to, shoot his load in her mouth. I know how to avoid it now. When I started to , were always guys shoot their first store inmy mouth, but now, I can tell if they are close. The head expands and the shaft is hard as steel. We were in an alley behind a store about three blocks from the park Louie. I was in an awkward position, leaning over the shifter. I trials, man, go out to do it behind a dumpster, but it seemed fear. I think he thought he was set to steal. " Preteen Pussy Oh damn," he lamented. That was my signal. I tried to pull my head, but pushed on it, it explodes in your mouth. I gagged and pulled my head n before he came into my mouth. "What the hell did you do that ?" He cried when I spit his sperm others in the room of your car. He continued his tail stroked the remaining cum drainage. He reached under the seat and pulled out a couple of paper towels n began to clean themselves. Preteen Pussy " You son of a bitch," he growled. "In the mess of crap that shows the earth. " " I did not tell him to cum in my mouth," he shouted. "This is to cost want ten dollars more. " had received twenty U. S. dollars. UU.. I never went down on a guy, unless you I had paid first. I've learned my lesson when I started this way n shit , which if not collected in the first place, a guy who leaves the car of your s and tells him to lose. you know they happen. What Preteen Pussy should I do ? Call the police and tell them the man refused to be paid that I blow one ? hustling can be a dangerous game. No one protects us. the guys who have sex not give a damn about me. All what you want to do what is outside, n Hustlers and then go home to his wife, three children and a dog. The police, not as the hell gives a shit if I live or die. are a nuisance for it. when to follow, we are working on the streets, drugs and violence. n I've been lucky so far. I try to be careful. I have not won of all world. some have been chasing my ass on the way if he fuck me, but I refused to do them. Oddly enough, I would save myEven after the right person. that s the only thing that really give someone. Of course, Uncle Billy took me, but not really count. I was just a child, and I did not know s what I did. But since then I have kept me intact until I meet s the right thing. "Get out of my car, man. " He opened the door and called a for me to go. " You still owe me," I insisted. " I told you, if I wanted to cum in my the mouth, there would be no more. " I crossed my arms and refused to leave. It s gave me a dirty look and then pulled out his wallet and threw ten my ​​lap. I think I was afraid that if the car is no longer possible for a police -sa s cruise to pull into the alley and asked what we were doing. " Fuck," he whispered as I threw the money. I left the car and turned to him before leaving. I heard about the brand of your car and the registration number. If he always came back one night, I no doubt in his car to retrieve it. went to Louie and knocked back. A cLerka broken the door open, and I gave him a ten. He returned a few minutes later, and handed me a bag with two bottles of cheap wine. When I went home, has a slow cruise down the road. I went to an alley. It was closing time, and as I was underage, he did not want a get me and take me home to my parents. My old s probably keep telling me. The house was locked when I arrived. I went to the garage had a long piss. Once back inside, who was lying in bed in the corner the garage and pulled the blanket over me. Once again, I feel pity party to come. I can not control. consuming me, if they hit. Even the wine and the weed that uses ticker are not helping. I have the feeling that I was afraid to fall and the shit out of me. I close my eyes and is always the same. I am standing at the railing of a bridge with your arms out and I can see I miss. I feel the wind on my face as my body falls toward the ground. It's like one of those shows where people skydiving from an airplane are n and have opened their arms, as it passes through the air just before boarding Pull the ring. However, I have a ripcord. My breath speeds, and close my eyes and sprayed on the front of my body tremble the ground. But I have never known. I keep falling and falling, waiting something happen. But never does. This is my life. I'm falling, falling, waiting for the end to beat me, , but never does. It's a nightmare to know that one day reach the down hard. I do not know when or where. But one thing is certain -I. Fuck it. I can not lie in this way. My mind is out of the wine - swirl and weeds, but has not dulled my senses enough to sleep. These are two in the morning, and I have to get up and go to school in a few hours. I like shit even once. Thurs What the hell I want? What the fuck does not matter to anyone? was cold. I like the cold, however. clarifiesmy head as I walk by the streets. Some comrades have tried to collect, but I ignored it. Why the people walking around at night trying to find someone to suck your dick? I feel bad for them, but I have my own problems. Damn, it's just dawned on me. You are probably so fucked up like me. You are probably driving alone and depressed. The Night takes people like us, people who are too scared to sleep a because of our nightmares. Thus we come to the search. For what? Who are the shit knows. We hope to reach something and at the end of nightmares damn. **************** " You look like shit. " Ticker got up and put his arm around my shoulder. "More nightmares? " " Yes " I replied. Ticker known to have trouble sleeping. it is This is why I'm always generous when weeds bags. I said no n is the nature of insomnia, but I think I have discovered long done. As we walked down the aisle, two men came rwell within me. Recognize as two of the genes that friends Albright. In fact, had the boys and n , who had tried to fight it against me yesterday. " Look at that bastard," snapped one as he pushed me again, only this time by hand. Ticker hugged my shoulder and tried to get me out. " Fuck. " I turned around and whispered aloud. He paused and looked at me. "You'll come a day, Fag " We looked at each other. students around us ever heard the books in his locker, looking us. Even then I could feel a fight. " What is your friend doing ? " I replied sarcastically, looking in the man who was in his right hand. He brought his fist, and you could say that he wanted me. " not here," said the other. "But very soon. " Grabbed his friend by the arm s left. The alarm bell rang for the first time students began to disperse. " Are you okay ? ' Demand scores. I looked and saw a look of concern on the face. " Yes, I'm fine. The same shit, onlyelsewhere, " I said sad. I took his hand on my back and began the slow corridor. " Fuck. "I went to the exit. tears No Damn, I have tears of blood in their eyes. I do not cry any more. ! But the tears running down my face now. No I know where I am. I am walking. I feel as if is n, but my legs would not let me. I want to run and scream. I run and screaming down the street until my body collapsed on the sidewalk. no, but my body is not executed. " Hey, kid. "I look around and see a man who picked me up last week. " You n in the search for an action? " " Fuck you ! " Move me cry and then walk down the street. My body is finite. It's like I'm running in slow motion, stop. People in the street out of my way before plowing into them. n "The crazy kids ! "I hear a situation of older women when I go to run with it. N I have to run for miles. I do not know. It was probably a few blocks. I look down and see the river through. not a fDucks ew oscillates up and down in the water. Fighting for a that the next wave drag. I lean over the railing of the bridge, Preteen Pussy breathing hard. I look down and see my body fall like in my nightmares. Only this time it really is. that can actually do. It's time I've been waiting all my life. To be constructed and reached the climax of my life. and now which is the time of the crash. " Forward. " Quickly open and close the tears from my eyes when I realized, is Someone approached me and aside from a few meters. I am very happy with is n and see a man, probably in his 20, looks at me. "What? " I asked angrily. Their presence has disrupted my destiny. Mood has quickly left me and now I'm consumed by anger. " Jump", he calls me. N 'Go for it. " " Fuck you ", I scream and start walking. "Do it! "Shouts. " Fucking do it! " Preteen Pussy " to. " Begins to mourn and then his body along with the the wall of the bridge. I see that sinks down and grabs the legs and pullsinto a ball and mourn. " Do it. " She murmurs through her tears. I see his body is riddled with anxiety. He is shivering uncontrollably ya mourn violently. I stand in amazement and see the guy collapsed front of me. go to him and kneels beside him. I do not know what to do. He is a stranger who just wanted a minute before the death of me jumping my s. " Why should not he ?" He cries when he looks beseechingly in the face of my s. " Why ?" I ask. "If you do," she sobs, "then maybe I'll get the courage to do that s well. " Once again his body shook with emotion. "I come here every day n and does not dare to do so. " suddenly begins to mourn again. I throw my arm around his shoulder creeps into my chest. He is so thin. I feel your shoulder blades against my hand. We sit about 10 minutes without speaking. Suddenly you are. before me clearly what is happening, he catches the train and starts to pull a itself. "No!" I scream. I stretchand grab your slim body. We fall to the ground. I press my body into his, trying to keep it out over again. " Let me do it !" He cries and pushes her body under me. "I die! " I leaned over and put my face against his. He whispered in my ear: ".. It s all the right things will be OK " We're both crying n uncontrollably. I feel his frail body was trying to get up, but he is too weak to exert great force. After a few minutes, I feel your body collapse I get off. We're both exhausted. " Let me, please. " He insists, once we have located a few minutes. " No," I whisper. "I'm fine now. " He says. " Please let me. I can not breathe with his body on mine. " raise my body is yours, but keep one hand on his skinny arm. For the first time when I have a good look at his face. It's thin and haggard. It looks like , who was a handsome guy at a time. I did not know what was the health of your s, but I was sure that was why he wanted to die. byfragile appearance, it was difficult to say exactly how old he was n. It might have been sixteen or 26. I really could not say. had brown hair and brown eyes sunken. It seemed that he had not slept weeks. We sat down and rested his body against the wall of the bridge. Cars left us and slower. Some even stopped and asked if in order. I nodded, and then drive them for movement. " Thanks," he says. Want to get up, " I have to go. " " Wait. " Grab the arm and pull him down. "It's not easy to leave. " " Why? " He asks. "Why do you care? " does not have an answer. Both had Preteen Pussy reached the bridge, each in their own reason. We both wanted to end our lives. I was a near one of these frail man who never experienced with anyone else. We both had shared our miserable life together.. I could not let go without finding at least in its history. "do not know," I admitted. "I know. " He looked into my eyes. Currently, seemed empty and emotionallyxcept. " Well, I do not. " He said flatly. He got up and walked away. It s I took one last look and turned and walked away. " Wait, " yelled as I jumped my feet. I have followed closely it. He turned and saw me a couple of times, but still slow a foot. I looked at her slim body. His jersey was draped over the shoulders of his s, and went into the narrow waist trousers. When crossing the bridge, went south. I followed behind in two meters from him. I was not going to let just disappear from my life. I had to know what is going on this bridge alone. What had brought us together ? walked a few blocks, and then entered a small cafe. It occurred to him of the bar and ordered a small coffee. Then he turned to me. " You want something? " 'I asked. " Since I can not get rid of you might as well just me. " For the first time to meet him, I saw a smile mild in his face. " A Coca -Cola. " I replied. I reached intotake my pocket a dollar, but he interrupted me. " My treatment," he said. The waitress gave us our drinks, and I kept n him to a table in the back of the cafeteria. Since it was late morning, , which were the only ones Preteen Pussy there. We sat in silence for a while. From time to time I look, but mostly stared at the steam from his cup. "My name is Allen. Allen Foster. " He reached across the table and shook me. His control was weak. I thought for a second, I could break your hand when I grabbed it. "I'm Joey Carpenter. " I replied. Once more he looked into her eyes. I can be pain, hid behind the sunken brown eyes. There must have been through the shit to go and not be able to to see in others. I did not know his story, but I might say, had a very similar pain and suffering I went through. the n is in your body, I was sure that much more than physical pain suffered that I had. We sat in awkward silence for several minutes. I Marª ran to find out their history, but did not know how to go about it. Finally, I decided when I was about to discover something, would that to do so quickly. The coffee was almost gone from his cup. " Why? " I asked. " Well, what ?" He looked at me. He knew what he was asking, but it was attempt either to grace, or did not want to talk about it. "Do not worry," I said sheepishly. I gave it to me at all, why do I wanted to jump off the bridge. Also, do not want my o reason not to tell. We sat for several minutes before he finally spoke. "I am sick," she whispered softly. "What is happening? " " I'm sick. " He said. There have been several embarrassing moments before speaking again. "What is your story? " N "My life is shit. " I looked at him and laughed nervously. N " enough to die ?" She stared at me for an answer. " do not know. " I admitted. " I have to go. " Stood up and looked at me. "Thank you, that s that today. " " You too," smiled at it. "Thank you. " He started to walk away. I jumped up and ran to catch up, when he joined the leadership of the sidewalk. " I can see you again? " " Why? " N "I just Preteen Pussy want to see you again. That's all. " "I'm here every morning. " he said. "Before the bridgehead. " He nodded and walked away. I felt tears in my eyes as I watched, will slowly disappear down the road. Preteen Pussy After the affair at the bridge was exhausted. I was exhausted physically and emotional. On the way home, I could not get sad Allen the face of my head. For many years I did not feel anything for anyone n. Hell, I'm not sure if he ever felt emotional for everyone, but Allen had touched me like no one before. had in my soul, and created a sensation disturbing. In the hour of we spent together, I felt a connection. Maybe it was because I , we felt that we shared an unhappy past. "I'm sick. " These words were received. No words, but the way he said, it. It was as if he said with a sense of doom. my liFe was fucked up, , but at least I know I have another tomorrow, to get ahead. I am not Ensure that all one can say the same. What if he was so ill that he died, then why not just wait and let it was him? Why he goes every morning to the bridge of hope, muster the courage to jump? I'm pretty sure he had no intention break today. Just wanted to see how you feel. That know, since I put in my dreams many times. I tried Experience the feeling of the actual height. But I'd really like to jump ? What unnerved me, I can not answer with certainty, I to jump. I have no future. Maybe I 'm like Allen n, waiting for the courage to risk the final step to end this madness. If I did that, who the hell really cares anyway? My parents were upset to see me buried. This could be a reason. I would like to see the expression on his face If you receive the invoice. That serve Right. Shit, never spent a dime on your ass in recent years anyway. Would be Payback, and you know what to say. I'm going home, after stopping and getting a couple of bottles of juice Louie happy. I am a weed, so I'm going to drink me sleep. Shit. It's cold tonight. This thin blanket makes me a quarter of the the thrift store does not prevent my hot ass at all. And Allen. I can not fuck up the haggard face of my head. Mother bastard had to get into my life. Now I know your story. No, I must know its history. It's exactly what I wanted was one more thing, to think, as if my life is not fucked enough. **************** "Can you tutor me after school today?" Star ran towards me and grabbed my hand to my s on the way to first period. "We have a big role because next week, and I was very, very, very well for your help. " She looked at me and me frown a little dog. Once again, it was a surprise to me, other students go hand in handwith a girl. I think it would be less surprised if she had another man. expected to have to do it. " Sure," I said. He squeezed my hand tighter. " You do not understand British poet ? " " Preteen Pussy I do not understand America," he laughed. I turned around and held both hands and said, "Hail, happy ave Spirit never left, from heaven, or near it, pour your a heart full of profuse strains of bad art!. " " show off ", she laughed when she hit me in the arm. "Who was it? Tennyson? " " Ouch," I muttered. "You need help. That was Shelly. Mr. Vickers covered it yesterday. " " A spring night graveyard ?" She assumed provisionally. " Wrong", I laughed. " To a Skylark. And A Midsummer Night cemetery. " N " I told you, I failed," he said sadly. " What part of the work you've done ? " We had orders to two weeks. I had finished three days after it is assigned. The majority dealt with the interpretation of the meaning of the poems. I found that s very easy to be. " I tried to read three of them. " She looked up and smiled, but s gone quickly saw the stern look on his face. " You 've only read three? " I asked incredulously. N " And you have to anything with them ? " " I threw the book in my room," he laughed. Suddenly, a frown appeared on his face, followed by a torrent of tears. I took her in my the arms and comforted her. It seemed strange that for the second time in two days, I to feel a connection with another person. First, Allen, and now star. and the connection was not sexually or physically. Two people were entering the life of my s, and I was sure it was not by chance. "Meet me at the library after school," he said. "We are going to study there, catch up. " " Thanks. " She stood on tiptoe and kissed my cheek. It was the first time anyone had kissed me, since I was ten years, as my mother gave me a kiss when I got into bed. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek awaybefore the tears could form eyes. After lunch, I was on my way to the fifth hour, when I saw Billy Joe and Camilla my way. Upand were stopped me. Camilla immediately grabbed me and started rubbing. " We are talking, you have to. " Billy Joe had a serious look on his face. "What? " 'I asked as I pulled the arm of Camilla wandering hand. Several students were whispering, as he realized his actions. I laughed inside because he knew his picture was of me to school fag questioned. "The word is about the school that Gene Albright for you. " warned. "no. Shit," I laughed. " No. He has 10 days because I wanted to kick my ate yesterday. " " I mean, Joey," he said. "He's a real homophobe. Is better than beware. He does a lot of dangers. I smoked last night with a guy who knows him very well. 's Behind you. You'd better see the back. " Billy Joe called me back and walked away. Camilla was rubbing my arm BEF to last minutePray with me a small wave. Then ran to Billy Joe and threw her arms around him. If I cared more, I asked me what kind of relationship they had. Star was waiting at the library after school. She was back at the meeting n , away from most of the other students. She had opened her literature book , and she was chewing her fingernails. She looked up and smiled me, if they saw me approaching. I sat down and began to focus on areas in which he was working on the problem. Unfortunately, it was the entire book of English literature. " This is useless," he sighed after 15 minutes. "Sounds as a foreign language to me. Are you sure this is written in English? " "There is a bit difficult," he confessed. She took her book and pointed to a spot. " Nymph of the downward smile and sidelong glance, what the seers times of day you're beautiful ? What the hell is the is ? " They threw the book on the table, so that a heavy blow. theLibrarian looked at us and gave us a look that only a librarian to. "This is John Keats," he said. "You have to admire its beauty. " " Why can not you just say it's pretty, then? " " Then it would not be great literature. " " do not deny it. 'star slammed the book, we do is observed from the librarian. N this time was accompanied by a silent sound. " I surrender" she moaned as her head on the desk. " Star! " The two jumped when we heard a scream. I looked up and saw the boy who had tried , Gene Albright me to fight in the room yesterday. " I'll talk to you," he said sternly. " Fuck you, Barry. " Estrella gave the boy an irritated look. ", I said, I want to talk with you," continued stubbornly. "Now!" " And I said fuck you, Barry, " star spat back. The librarian has increased from This desk and opened the way. " Is there a problem here?" He asked as he stood defiantly in before the man who had entered our study session. " this guy bothers us," Santar said, emphasizing the word child. " I'll have to ask you to leave, a young man," he said. " This is not over yet. " Angrily pointed at me before the storm removed. I could not understand why he decided to come to the library after school and disturb us. " sorry," Star said tentatively. " Who was that? " I asked. N " My brother, Barry. " "What is your problem? " "I do not want to deal with you," he confessed. "The best friend of Gene. We live next to Gene. He and Barry friends there, as always. " " So your brother is a gay basher like genes ? "I asked. "Barry is doing what genes you have to do," he said. "When he said, a jump from the roof of the school, Barry was going to do. " " How do you feel that idiot of a brother? " N "I tell to hell, " she laughed. " I 've noticed. " Seriously, I asked, " Have you heard anything genes to do something for me? " "I have not heard anything, why ? " " Someone Warned me that Gene was planning something. " " I think my ears open, "he said. " When I hear something I knowledge. " " I do not want to come between you and your brother, " I insisted. " No, " he said sadly. " We are not next year. " picked up his books and put them in her book bag. " Thanks for the help me. " " not perform well today, " I reminded him. " It's still good that you wanted. Thank you. "It gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and left the library. I looked around and saw a few students, watching me. I got up, turned it off and left. ** ** **************** - mail to Ron's comments : Woh.. ronyx rr com, feedback is always appreciated Visit ronyx. Web site :.. com, www themustardjar for more stories.
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